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23 September 2008 @ 01:08 am
long time no post...i'm aware. i never use this journal anymore...and i'm not going to. if you're my friend here, and want to read my posts, which will be much more regular, (i promise) you should friend my fic journal. i'm going to post in it under flock from now on. i'm also gonna transfer my layout over there that nicole made'll recognize it anyway. feel free to ignore the fic if it's not what you're into, i'm just sayin it's easier to do it all in one place. *mwah*
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17 July 2008 @ 03:10 pm
Chick #1: ... And I'm just trying to make myself a virgin again, you know?
Chick #2: Yeah, I know.

oh, overheardinnewyork, how you make me giggle.

look, i've been thinking a lot lately about what a slut i am (yeah, the "i always end up the drunk whore in the corner" conversation has been playing on repeat lately). and the truth is i'm not much of a slut at all! i usually am only sleeping with one person at a time, i've never had unprotected sex, i'm rather choosie about my partners (no that one time in europe doesn't count, neither does that one time in mexico).

anyway, my point is (and yes i do have one) that i don't really consider myself a slut. i mean, i can name everyone i've slept with (though once again pronunciation of the last names from international trips can't really be held against me), i can list them on my fingers (without repeating digits), and i have always been careful and safe. really, what it comes down to is how society defines sluts. it's the slut vs. stud mentality that annoys the shit out of me.


i don't know...maybe i am too sexually liberated...too focused on seeking satisfaction. maybe i need to give up sex for awhile...maybe it will bring me inner peace to turn down a piece.

ok, honestly? i started this post and then aelora posted some anderdan smut...and all thoughts of giving up my slutty ways have faded into the background.

look, let's face the facts: i have an unnatural fear of sex toys, i enjoy the feeling of someone else's hands on my skin, and um...i get easier when i drink (which i like to do)'s to the drunk whore in the corner.

maybe i'll revise this later when i'm not so focused on anderson naked beneath dan...maybe...if i ever reach that point again...mmmm...


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15 July 2008 @ 03:40 pm
so i was sitting here and did i post everyday? i mean...since my last post? all i've done is watch anderson on regis and kelly (video of him with rolled up sleeves and a baseball bat will be posted later), sat in a car for five hours, watched anderson, jon and stephen, slept a few hours, and completed a few loads of laundry. my suitcase is still on my living room floor, (i'm slowly emptying it every time i get my ass off the sofa) and i have yet to toss my stinky ass in the shower.

has my life always been this boring? i don't think so...i mean, we used to have parties or at least people over every fucking it's days between even seeing most of the people i know. i wake up, i drag my ass to the couch and watch the news, play online, shower, go to work, come home and play online, before i drag my ass to bed. i did have breakfast on my deck with my landlords this morning while we watched some of the therapy students ride the horses in slow circles...which was awesome...but still.

anyway, so i realized today that i have been BEYOND lame lately, and i resolved to fix that. clearly i need a little bedazzling in my life. so...tonight i am going to dinner with a friend, hopefully meeting up with the boy at some point to get laid, going to the bar with my drunken friends, and then maybe meeting up with the boy to get laid (does mentioning that twice make me the drunk whore in the corner? i'll get back to you).

BUT before i do all that, (like a true fangirl...) i have other plans. dan will be back tonight (here's to hoping he's not wearing a ring), and anderson better not be wearing another ugly tie. also? new tds/tcr for the win. does anyone want to talk about the amazing wonderment that was john o. rickrolling jon's vagina last night? ha ha ha ha ha...awesome...

one last thing, i have pics for all the gals from this weekend. i am gonna post them here under a cut, but if anyone would rather their pics not be online, just let me know and i will take them down asap. anyone else who took pics/videos, i'd love copies or links...seriously i NEED the karaoke video of take on me and the stop action p.i.c.! =D and then i punched her in her cunt...Collapse )

aw, all my new friends, my blogs will get back to their most interesting soon...i'm resolving to actually you know, have a life worth writing about once again. um...just don't be surprised by the insanity. and feel free to stalk my blogs (since you didn't get a chance to before the con) i'm a total comment whore.
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13 July 2008 @ 10:54 pm
this weekend i ventured up north to aelora's for the con formerly known as rosencon. seriously, i have to say my very first fangirl gathering had me scared and confused(and slightly wet if we're being totally honest).

quick recap: details to follow later as i remember them and feel the need to unleash some blackmail on your asses.
friday: pizza, drunk amber, david cook worship (bedazzled blazers and tears, for the win?), and a few dan videos.
saturday: too fucking early sun through the windows, muffins, showers, bar-b-que at the lake, famous people (i don't know who these people are), AWESOMELY BAD BAD BAD karaoke, movie: hancock (the five minutes of will smith hand porn was worth the ten bucks alone), dinner (waiter with awesome chop sideburns and threats to punch any and everyone in the cunt were worth the creepy fortune teller chalk drawing), barnes and noble (porn texting across a table with aelora MORE THAN WORTH IT), movie: hellboy 2 (drunken bromance to 'i can't smile without you' SO worth it), conversation instead of sleep (mayo, detachable peni, good story, pushing daisies, PIC IUV QID STAT, jury's still out on whether or not it was worth the mental scars).
sunday: omlettes (to FUCKING die for), sun and coffee on the deck (lord your pool over me one more time mother fucker), pictionary (reach around), famous people (harry potter), pictionary (pictionary), burgers, pictionary (michael jackson, really?), livejournal owns our souls.

things i will never be able to forget no matter how hard i try?


ok, i promise to post more often now that there are more rabid fangirls who have added me and i'm sure will be demanding it. i promise if you check out posts from the past you'll be all kinds of impressed and needy, because seriously? i am all kinds of awesome that you didn't even get a chance to see outside of my bitchy whorish ways in person.

POST FIRST FANGIRL GATHERING FEELINGS? scared and confused (and totally wet if we're being completely honest)

also? my icon is cooler than you.

p.s. i just got fucking rick rolled...and i LOVE it.
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18 June 2008 @ 10:05 am
"Love, hope, fear, faith--these make humanity; These are its sign and note and character."--ROBERT BROWNING, Paracelsus

it should come as no surprise that lately i've had a bit of a deficit regarding my faith in humanity. it seems like i have been surrounded by failure, both of other people's making and more importantly my own.

i'm not always a good friend, not always a good relative, not always a good employee or even a good person...but i try. even more in recent history, i seem to continually find myself in situations where other people disappoint me too. then suddenly, i realized this morning that the disappointment ought to be with myself. i mean, i have so much going for me, so many great people around me, so many wonderful things happening in my life, yet i (the eternal pessimist) only tend to focus on the bad things.

pessimist koffie

let's talk about what i have to be thankful for:
-i have great friends. ok, so a few years ago i would have listed my casual acquaintances and regular party attenders as friends, and thus had many more names in my frequent callers group. so there's only a few people in my life right now that i know i can depend on for anything, but you know what? i'm so grateful for them...more grateful than i ever was when i was the bell of the ball. i guess maybe that's a part of growing older? finding out who your real friends are and clinging to them for dear life to help you get through the worst of times, and to share with you the best of times.

A True Friend

-i stumbled upon the most awesome set-up to live in. seriously, without any warning, i was homeless. then without any warning, i found this awesome place, with awesome people, awesome rent, awesome perks and basically the most awesome setting for me EVER. i mean, honestly? how do you complain about $425 ALL BILLS PAID, where randomly horses show up in your backyard to eat your bushes and scare your pussy of a great dane?


this morning i ran out to my new place to take care of my dogs and talk to my landlord. seriously, he and his wife are exactly the kind of people i needed to have enter my life to begin to slowly restore my faith. so i come out of the backyard and walk up to the porch. there's my landlords, sitting at the table with three plates and glasses. his wife goes, "I made breakfast honey, since I knew you were coming." ok, i don't know these people from eve...they don't know me...but they are just honestly the type of people who hear someone is stopping by and make a girl breakfast.

i seriously can't wait to get moved in, can't wait to be done with it and settled into "home". now if only i could get someone with a truck...grrr...
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15 June 2008 @ 07:30 am
ok...this won't be long...i'm exhausted...

worked last night...LONG night. there's this kid, i've talked about him before. he's the sickningly sweet dude with the girlfriend who has kids that he stays home and takes care of to support her...yeah...whatever. so last night he brought his guitar to work and serenaded all of us with all these sappy country songs and lovey dovey crap. oy...he's trying to learn a bunch of romantic new songs to play for his girl...and i threw up...


so this morning i stopped at deray's on my way back to the summer friend's house. darnell had said he wanted to go to breakfast, and i didn't believe they would actually get up. much to my surprise both boys got up and we went to eat. it has to be said: i'm all about the greasy spoon where all three of us can eat a fucking feast worth of breakfast foods for $15. best fucking steak and eggs i ever had...and not just cuz it was like $3...

steak and eggs

it has to be said though, deray and darnell bought new sunglasses yesterday...oy...these goddy fucking ugly gold mother fuckers...they think they're usher or something...fucking wearing them as they ate and making me fucking giggle like a mad person.


ok, so i get home and shower, and turn on the tv...and i want to fuck his brains out. i just needed to get that out there. like for real...he's fucking hot as shit with his pretty teeth and his chesty giggle...mmm...

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hi there, i know my last post was HORRIBLY depressing, but in an effort to assure all of my readers that i genuinely am fine, i bring you the hilarity that was my day.

(also i suppose i should just clarify that i'm not bi-polar...really, i thought i might be and looked into it...ha ha ha ha...i'm just quick to rebound when life gets me down because really...what else can a girl do?) let's start with my morning. i couldn't sleep last night, so i tagged my blog back through feb. yeah, yeah, i'm gonna tag the some point...but anyway, i finally fell into bed around 3. woke up for god knows what reason at 6:fucking:30. instead of getting out of bed and being productive like i probably should have?

i laid there and pretended i was asleep...resulting in the HOTTEST anderdan sex dream EVER.

-so i'm at a party, and i'm this bitch (in really hot heels) who dan is trying to talk to. unfortunately for him, i thought he was an ass and i kind of blew him off. so i walk away and who do i run into but one anderson fucking cooper. just my luck, he was gay, (even in my own sex dream, how sad is that?). and we laughed. he asked me what asshat abrams (yes that was his nickname for him) wanted, and i responded (this line i remember because it made me chuckle and i stored it in my spank bank for fic use later) "apparently i'm the only cunt in new york he hasn't had." and anderson replied, "it's a sad day when rich and pretty won't get you laid in manhattan." anyway...dan ended up chasing me, and i was basically conned into lunch with him after he charmed the panties off my receptionist. after lunch i basically told him, "look, i'll never like you, but if you want to fuck and get it over with, we should just do it now while i'm still billing hours." it was fucking hilarious...and the sex? of course i'm the girl who can't remember that part of the dream. i do however remember bagels with anderson the next day and him saying, "when he's totally out of cunts like you he can always swing my way." ha ha ha ha ha ha...crazy though, right?!?


-ok, so today i went to pick up darnell and take him to work. the effing puppies are so big they can just jump right out of their crate and run the fucking house. it's insane. three have homes, the other two hopefully will soon. jon and stephen are going to a mother/daughter pair, and anderson is going to my boss. so i'll get to see them. =D


-so then i had my third interview for this job. it sounds too good to be true...which means it probably is. i'm excited about it, really, it would be nice to be embedded here in town. but still...small town hospital politics? just not something i really want to be a part of. i'm torn because i can make great money at my current job sometimes, and not such great money other times...i don't know. of course...i suppose i should be grateful minimum wage has gone up a bit...


-last funny story for you: so you know the place where i'm moving? it's amazing! like...seriously amazing. i sat on the sundeck and watched the horses run, listened to the wind through the grass and felt totally at peace while i signed my lease. so i tell the lady, "i'm gonna walk the fence to make sure there aren't any spots where my dog could get out." she goes, "sure thing honey, come get a drink before you leave." ha ha sweet. so i go and i'm walking the backyard (which is HUGE) and i turn the corner and there's a fucking horse standing there. it looks up at me then goes right back to chewing on the grass. so i smile and walk back up the house and tell them, "um, hey...there's a horse in my backyard." they laughed and the guy goes, just shoo him away, he's an ornery cuss." ha ha ha i walk back out there (in my lacey blouse and my flip-flops) and run my hand along the fence..."here horsey horsey horsey." that horse looked at me like i had lost my fucking mind. now i've been around horses, i just didn't know this one, and he was BIG and young and he looked like he might kick my ass if i wasn't careful. so here comes the guy and he yells at the horse and he gallops down the road, kicking up mud and snorting at me.



you must all come visit me...ok...i wanna go play online, so i'm done for now. *mwah*
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09 June 2008 @ 09:37 pm
hola party people...this is my fake smile...but hidden beneath it is my real one.

i'm so tired of the drama, so tired of the familial debt...i'm done.

really, what it comes down to is severing ties to pull myself back over the edge. i won't be dragged down, i won't become bitter or let my hatred rule me...instead...i'll walk away with my head held upright.

mother dearest...Collapse )

today was a good day. i found an amazing house, refinanced my car loan, heard that i am 99% garunteed an awesome new job, found homes for 2 of the puppies, and all that after i slept in. that real smile? coming to the surface...take it away michael...

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03 June 2008 @ 07:39 pm
omg...i'm all teary eyed and for's because i'm happy.

i ♥ obama. si se puede.
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01 June 2008 @ 11:13 pm
i's been forever. i'm sorry. shit's been a little crazy. let me see if i can get you all up to date pretty quickly...

-i'm homeless
-i may have a new job
-darnell is in town
-denise is in dallas
-somehow I of all people have been conned into working at vacation bible school this week...what?
-still want anderson cooper
-nothing else is new about some puppy pics (as promised to gayalithiel and litterthisheart? they are the supreme beings of cuteness...Collapse )
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